Here’s what people are saying about the Changing Perspectives program.

I am so glad you took the time to provide our students with an opportunity to understand the uniqueness and value of each member of our school community.
1st Grade Teacher
As a reading teacher I was not directly involved, but found when I asked a group about it they were eager to share and seemed to remember and understand a lot.
Elementary Reading Specialist
I think this program opened my child’s eyes to the differences in people.
I learned that people with disabilities are still people and I should treat them the way I want to be treated.
4th Grade Student
Sam gave an extraordinary series of presentations to students, parents and teachers over three days that he was with us in Marin County, California. Sam’s authentic and vulnerable presentation allowed participants to directly connect with him, his story, and his message of inclusion, respect, and empathy.
Laura Talmus founder of Beyond Differences
I think this program is valuable because in life there are so many different kinds of people and I want my kids to be able to respect people’s differences and have empathy for why things are more difficult for some people than others.