Sam Drazin stands with Dr. Burt Brent (Reconstructive Ear Surgeon)

The idea came from Sam Drazin, an educator who has struggled his whole life with a hearing loss.  Sam’s experiences as both a student with a disability and as a teacher working in an inclusive classroom, formed his interest in improving disability awareness and understanding. Changing Perspectives Inc. was started to provide schools with a framework for improving disability awareness and is based on an understanding of the natural curiosity of children.  The ultimate goal is to help everyone recognize their own challenges and to help promote understanding, respect, and acceptance of all people.

We live in an ever-changing world. The development of assistive technologies has moved our society toward one that is more inclusive and adaptable to those with disabilities. Schools have taken on the model of inclusion; including all students (regardless of disabilities) to be apart of the mainstream classroom, and ADA requirements have made it so all people are able to participate in mainstream society. With these rapid changes and the continued globalization of the world it is vital that students, at the elementary level, are given chances to engage in programs such as Changing Perspectives. It is important that people of all ages are able to understand and effectively communicate with those around them.