Educator Programs

Changing Perspectives offers several different types of professional development trainings that can range from 1-3 hours. Our workshops focus on helping educators gain skills, confidence and comfort in exploring disability awareness and creating inclusive learning environments so they can support students’ social-emotional learning around awareness and empathy.

We work closely with each school to customize professional development. Popular workshops include:

Empathy and Sympathy: What’s the Difference?Empathy is being recognized as one of the most important 21st century skills. It is a driver for more meaningful and positive relationships. This workshop explores the difference between empathy and sympathy and the roles they play in nurturing connected and engaged learning communities. Educators will reflect on their own abilities to demonstrate empathy while gaining tools to explicitly teach empathy to their students through the lens of disability.

Where Do I Begin? In this group professional development session, Changing Perspectives presents five steps for initiating and guiding student discussions about disabilities and other sensitive topics. Through this workshop, educators gain valuable tools to use in their daily teaching practice. Awareness is the foundation for empathy. In order for students to achieve greater empathy, educators must be able to facilitate conversations about sensitive issues with their students confidently and effectively.

Building Inclusive Communities to Support Social-Emotional Growth: Through honest discussion and reflection, this workshop helps school communities assess how their school currently addresses social-emotional learning and inclusion for all students. We will identify not only barriers, but also existing supports and new strategies for building inclusive classrooms and learning communities.

Have something different in mind for your school? We are happy to explore ideas for a customized Changing Perspectives workshop that will support your school in promoting awareness and inspiring empathy.