Educator Programs

Our educator programs are done for teachers, para professionals, special educators, guidance counselors or other interested persons and focus on building a greater understanding of people with disabilities. The training challenges teachers to change their perspectives on people with disabilities and gain understanding on how students may view people with disabilities. This engaging professional development program provides teachers with tools for discussing disabilities with their students. The training is designed to parallel the model that students experience as part of the Changing Perspectives program. The Changing Perspectives program will have the greatest impact if all staff members understand the underlying purpose and structure.

The objectives of each educator program is to:

  1. Experience the three parts of the program (preliminary dialogue, real world experiences, personal reflection)
  2.  Change or modify the participants current perspective on people with disabilities
  3. Gain tools for discussing disabilities with their students
  4. Introduce the role of assistive technologies in the classroom

Our educator programs typically run for 1.5-3 hours. Contact us for more information or to discuss how an educator program might benefit your school.